Combining Augmented Reality with FPS Game Concept [Video]

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Pixeloco has created an interesting concept that shows how first person shooter games will come together with augmented reality technology.

An Australian based creative agency Pixelocointroduced a new concept that sheds light on the future use of augmented reality. The concept combines the familiar first-person shooter mechanics with Pokemon Go, which adds augmented reality elements to the real world.

The concept in question “World scale first person shooter game” In the promotional video that Pixeloco has published, augmented reality shows how to put together popular first person shooter game mechanics.

In the concept of Pixeloco, you can use your smartphones, developed by Arcade Games. weapon controllers you wear it on. As in other augmented reality games, the camera of the phone instantly displays the real world, while you use your smartphone’s screen as a sight.

When you open the app and point your phone / gun at an object and shoot, the app will overlay the object in the image. bullet holes adds. So you can see real-world objects shot in the app.


ActiVision Patents for a GPS-Based Augmented Reality Game

The only missing point here is how the players react when they hit each other. The player who was shot when a player hits another player in the promotional video, “Like a shot” it is moving. However, in real use, when the actors do not react like this, mutual play may not be as pleasant as the promotional video shows.

Trailer of Pixeloco’s augmented reality first person shooter game

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