5 Ping Downgrade Programs for Online Games

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Do you pull your hair from the ping height in online games? Good news, this article is for you.

One of the most researched topics by online game lovers ping drop programs We have prepared a guide for you. Sudden pinging, an unstable internet connection is annoying in online games. Especially CS: GO In games such as league jump matches, this situation comes to the point where it will be hair-raising.

You may be downloading a lot of software to your computer and phone to reduce the high ping and stabilize your internet connection.wired internet“You may not even be able to solve it through. Now you can examine some more warranty options with the ping drop methods we will tell you.

What is a ping drop program?

Ping drop programs First of all, it is necessary to clarify the subject. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) company cannot provide sufficient infrastructure for your location and in the meantime, you experience packet loss in the games you play. These programs serve to reduce or optimize “packet losses”.

Ping drop programs usually consist of VPN software. For example, if; CS: GOIf you have problems with pinging in Germany and the game server is on Germany, the ping drop programs aim to direct the server you are connected to directly to Germany. Nevertheless, ping drop programs’a magic wandWe cannot say that. Now let’s examine the ping drop programs:

Ping drop programs:

  • Kill Ping
  • Exit Lag
  • Pure VPN
  • Vypr VPN
  • NordVPN

Kill Ping, which offers full optimization for popular games:

Access to the game server: The Kill Ping program is one of the most popular of many ping drop programs. Within the guarantees given by the company 60% ping reduction has. However, Kill Ping tries to go to the region where the relevant game server is located in the fastest way to reduce your ping.

Working with Windows OS only: Kill Ping does not provide IP cloaking like other VPN software, Android or iOS does not work on mobile platforms. With Kill Ping running on Windows computers only Steam games and you may experience an increase in your ping performance in other desktop games.

Complete optimization with popular games: CS: GO, You can find the list of all games supported by Kill Ping, which works optimized with games such as Dota2, League of Legends, Overwatch, PubG, Black Desert, Fortnite. However, there is no optimization in our domestic games. If you are looking for a ping drop method in Zula, Kill Ping is not the right option for you. The price of Kill Ping is around $ 10 per month after a 15-day trial period.

Exit Lag, one of the preferences of esportsmen:

The choice of professional players: Exit Lag is one of the most popular ping drop programs used by many professional players around the world. e Sportsmen’s choice Exit Lag’s game optimization is top notch.

Multipatch Connection: One of the most important functions of Exit Lag software is Multipath Connection. Multipath Connection can send data to the game server in multiple ways and speed up your current connection. You might think like this, Exit Lag prefers to throw 30 pieces of ball through more than one channel instead of throwing it from a single channel and deliver it to the destination faster.

Multi-internet Connection: Exit Lag program also allows multiple internet connections. So if you have more than one internet, you can use it at the same time thanks to Exit Lag.

FPS Boost: Of course, Exit Lag also includes FPS Boot service, which is a separate gesture the company has made for players. If you define your games to Exit Lag, the software also optimizes your games. Again, Exit Lag is not a very accurate ping drop program for games like Zula. You can get Exit Lag for $ 5.83 per month after a 3-day trial period.

Pure VPN prioritizing pairings:

DDOS Protection: Although many VPN companies offer this service, Pure VPN really stands out in this regard. Especially if you are a DDOS attacker while broadcasting Pure VPN Thanks to it, neither your broadcast nor your gaming pleasure is interrupted.

Priority in pairings: When using Pure VPN, when you map the location of the game server and the VPN location, you experience priority in game mapping. This is mainly because online gaming systems are more low ping players aggregation algorithm. Thus, you can enter the order you want as you wish.

Optimized games: Again, like other VPN companies, Pure VPN works fully optimized with Dota 2, PubG, Fornite and CS: GO. Pure VPN also has mobile support. Pure VPN costs $ 0.99 for a 7-day trial period, and costs $ 11 per month.

Vypr VPN to avoid detecting you are using a VPN

With Chameleon technology, VPN stands out from blocking: Most of the VPN companies are banned from online games. Vypr VPN can work with almost any game. Developing a technology called Chameleon, it is incomprehensible that you are using VPN by avoiding all blocks.

Complete security: Vypr VPN cannot be tracked, seen, tracked by third parties, at least the company’s claim is in this direction. Of course, providing IP protection and DDOS protection is also a nice option. Again, with WireGuard, you encrypt all your devices with AES 256-bit and become untraceable.

No-LOG VPN: Vypr VPN does not keep your data in any way. This has made the VPN program very secure. Game performance is also very high due to hosting more than 200.000 IP. Priced at $ 12.95 per month, Vypr VPN is slightly more expensive than other VPN software, but more secure.

NordVPN for those looking for price performance:

DDOS protection: There is also DDOS protection Nord VPN, which is included in many VPN programs. It is a highly preferred VPN software for broadcasters as it provides protection from DDOS attacks.

Running out of bandwidth restrictor: This is definitely one of the most important features of Nord VPN. ISPs that detect VPN software users often apply restrictions and throttling in internet bandwidth. Since Nord VPN is untraceable, it bypasses them directly. ISS cannot monitor any activity.

Price performance product: NordVPN stands out at this point with its price. If you purchase a 1-year membership at NordVPN, which provides a 30-day trial period, you get a 2-year free membership, so you pay $ 3.5 per month for a 36-month membership.


Does Using a VPN While Gaming Will Reduce Ping?

We also have a Ping drop suggestion for local online games:

Before ending our article, we would like to point out that, unfortunately, most of the gaming VPNs do not have optimization for local games. How to drop ping in a game like Zula You cannot prefer gaming VPN software. general methods you need to choose at this point, you will have to test whether Turkey also preferred a VPN service with servers.

At the end of this post, of course, you may ask, “Does using VPN really drop pings?” The main purpose of VPN software is to ensure your internet security and stable use of your internet connection. Therefore, although it does not perfectly solve your ping problem, it will optimize to a certain extent.

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