A YouTuber Builds A New Among Us In Minecraft

by batnalizer
Bir YouTuber, Minecraft’ta Yeni Bir Among Us İnşa Ediyor

A YouTuber named TangoTek is building a new Among Us game in Minecraft that will look exactly like the original version.

The past Considered one of the best games Similar to Among Us game and game modes to be developed continues. Fortnite, Among Us It was one of the first names to adopt this game with its mod named.

Minecraft also joined this caravan and a Youtuber named TangoTek, Using Minecraft dynamics He started developing a game in the style of Among Us. Benefiting from the multiplayer server Hermitcraft of the game, TangoTek First name to build Among Us in Minecraft it will be.

The new Among Us will consist of approximately 150,000 blocks

According to the statement made by TangoTek, approximately New version consisting of 150 thousand blocksThe game will look like its original version and the game dynamics will be very similar. However, unlike the normal game, killed characters are instantly will be deleted.


Unknown to Nobody for Years Among Us, How Did It Succeed?

Minecraft Players with Java version, TangoTek will be able to start playing the game as soon as the improvements are completed. In this new version, where many elements such as emergency meetings, elimination stage and ghosts will be included, TangoTek is the classic MineCraft version. Made of Vanilla and Redstone, i.e. redstone materials will benefit.

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