Because I’m Married, I Don’t Broadcast With Women

by batnalizer

Ninja, one of the legendary names of Twitch, stated in an interview with a magazine that he did not want to broadcast with female actors because he was married and that he should not allow any gossip.

One of the world’s leading publishers Tyler ‘Ninja’ BlevinsTo avoid gossip and harassment in 2018 that you don’t want to broadcast with female actors had expressed. 29-year-old publisher, women seductive as it was, and it received great criticism. Many people have stated that such a principle supports inequality towards women.

Ninja explained the details behind his words more clearly in an interview with The New York Times recently. Because he is married stating that he should pay attention to the women he spoke to famous broadcaster, broadcasting with women he does not know will cause big problems on the internet expressed.

“I don’t have the luxury of being comfortable”

Stating that he faced some accusations in 2018, Ninja expressed the following statements; “I was accused of cheating in 2018, and it was the actresses that made me think like that. I have to do everything I can to make sure no one will start a gossip and post clickbait videos on YouTube. Since I am a married man, I take care not to be alone with women too much. Of course, I’m not saying anything to my close female friends, but if we’re going to play with a woman I don’t know, we must be crowded.


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Calling women seductive misunderstood The famous publisher who stated that he did not like this word, but Couldn’t find another word to match the situation expressed. Ninja continued his explanation with the following words: “I know people will think as if I have potential, but I don’t have the luxury of leaving my acting identity aside and hanging around.”

These words, which Ninja reinforced for 2 years in a row, attracted great reaction both in the game and social media world. Many critics have claimed this principle of Ninja who refuses to eat with a single man compared to former US Vice President Mike Pence. For Ninja characterized women as a seductive element supporting discrimination and inequality of women started to become a profile.

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