Borderlands 3 Says Goodbye to DRM Protection Denuvo

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Borderlands 3, the fourth game in the Borderlands series and broken 46 days after its release, bid farewell to DRM guard Denuvo. Denuvo protection will no longer work in the background while playing the game.

The video game industry has taken significant measures against piracy today. One of these measures is what we know as DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection. Denuvo. However, Denuvo is among the names discussed in the game world, although it can get a little ahead of pirate acting.

One of the things that makes Denuvo controversial is that this system is constantly running in the background when it prevents piracy. Players in some games due to Denuvo poor performance they state that they live. Today, news came to the delight of players against Denuvo.

Borderlands 3 says goodbye to Denuvo protection:

Borderlands 3, the fourth game in the Borderlands series, received a new update. According to the details in the update notes of the game, the Denuvo protection system is now Will not be included in the PC version. So Denuvo will no longer occupy your system in the background when you play Borderlands 3, at least it should be.

While many Reddit users expected that Borderlands 3 getting rid of Denuvo would improve the game’s performance. that was not the case. Players still encountered minor stutters while playing Borderlands 3. Also in the performance offered by the game there was no change. So Denuvo’s removal did not affect the players.

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Borderlands 3 has already been released 46 days later It was broken by the CODEX group. So the use of Denuvo protection in the game was no longer necessary. Once the game was broken, the need for Denuvo was greatly reduced. Denuvo is already offering discounts to developers after three months, considering the potential breakout time in pricing.

A situation similar to the farewell to Denuvo after Borderlands 3 was broken was experienced in many games. That broke on the day of release Doom Eternalhad said goodbye to Denuvo about two months later. In the same week as Doom Eternal Metro Exodus He parted his way with the protection system.

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