First Time Player Reach Level 50 in Pokemon Go

by batnalizer

In Pokemon Go, which has allowed players to reach level 50 since 2021, the first name to reach this level was a player called FleeceKing. FleeceKing, which has a considerable fan base in the Pokemon Go community, reached the 50th level by passing the challenging tasks in the game with a broadcast attended by 5 thousand viewers.

Pokemon Go, which has managed to create a large player base since its release in 2016, until the end of last year players reach their maximum level of 40 it allowed.

With the new year, this system has changed and the producer of the game, Niantic, the maximum level has been increased to 50 announced. With the arrival of new missions, it has become quite difficult to reach the last level in Pokemon Go. A player named FleeceKing is in Pokemon Go live. The first to reach level 50 went down in history as.

5 thousand people watched FleeceKing’s record-breaking broadcast

FleeceKing just didn’t need to collect XP to reach level 50. Known for his interest in Pokemon Go, the player must first to reach level 50 999 times make a perfect shot, catching five legendary Pokemon and Dusing Pokemon with low abilities defeat three different Team Go Rocket leaders had to.


Niantic, Developer of Pokemon Go, Acquires Mayhem

FleeceKing, who successfully fulfilled all these challenging tasks, made the following words after reaching the 50th level; “Thank you so much for watching the broadcast and witnessing this magnificent moment with me. I am really shocked to reach 5 thousand viewers, thank you again. “

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