Garena Announces ‘Free Fire Semester Cup’

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Free Fire first 2021 tournament, which this year will take place in Turkey, was announced with 50,000 TL, finding several awards and prize pool. Players who want to participate in the tournament can register and take their place in the tournament until January 31, 2021.

Digital game company GarenaThe first, which this year will take place in Turkey 2021 Free Fire Tournament announced. In the tournament where more than 570 teams will compete to be the best, the big prize pool and special prizes reserved for the best players of the tournament will find their owners. Free Fire Semester Cup, Players become part of the competition in Turkey and will be invited to show their struggle.

Garena, Free Fire’s first eSports tournament which will be held this year in Turkey, Turkey Free Fire Semester’s Cup 2 – 10 February 2021 announced that it will take place between dates. To 50.000 TL cash prizes up to find the owner of Free Fire Turkey will struggle to become a champion team in the semester is over 570 Cup.

Free Fire Cup Finals Turkey Semester 8 – February 10, 2021:

Will continue until January 31, 2021 Free Fire Semester Turkey Cup records began. Qualifying matches of the tournament 2 – 5 February 2021 while the finals take place between 8 – 10 February 2021 will be played between. Freefire to Turkey Semester Cup finals YouTube will be broadcast live on.

The prize pool of 50,000 TL will be shared among the top 12 teams:

Free Fire Semester Cup

50.000 TL prize pool will be shared between Turkey Free Fire is the first 12 semester Cup team and will be extra special prizes for the best individual players. Free Fire semester is Turkey Cup, winning team deserves to be the champion of the tournament, leaving behind their opponents, 6.250 TL and 1.500 Diamonds per player will have a chance to win. To the player who eliminated his opponent the most in the finals 1,000 Diamonds The award will be given.

Free Fire Semester Turkey Cup, will motivate the players in Turkey:

Free Fire Semester Cup

Free Fire Semester Turkey Cup, to better interact with Garena and Turkey will be one of the players in an attempt to motivate them. teams participating in the tournament in Turkey, will be able to get involved in more activities because they can win the chance to represent the country at the time. Players community in Turkey, the future in international tournaments be able to support their favorite local team.

Free Fire To register and for more information on the Turkey Cup Semester here You can visit the official website by clicking the link, using the links below, you can download the game to your mobile device. you can download.

  • Garena Free Fire: The Beginning


  • Garena Free Fire: The Beginning


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