Microsoft Withdraws Xbox Live Gold Price Increase

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Microsoft announced that the subscription price of the Xbox Live Gold service will increase. However, the company announced that it withdrew this price increase, which came after the reactions from the players.

Microsoft offers for Xbox consoles Xbox Live Gold He announced that he would increase the price of his service. The company announced its new pricing on Xbox Live Gold at $ 11 per month, $ 30 for three months, $ 60 for 6 months.

However, it didn’t take long for the company to announce that it had withdrawn its price increase. In the statement made by Xbox’s official Twitter account, we said that they heard the reactions from the players and withdraw the price increase was announced. Service also not made any changes in pricing in Turkey. In our country, the monthly pricing of Xbox Live Gold is 29.99 TL, and its quarterly pricing is 74.99 TL.

Hike to Xbox Live Gold has been withdrawn

In the blog post published on the official website of Xbox, Playing games with friends It was stated that it was an important part of acting. Stating that they failed to meet the expectations of the players regarding the price increase, Xbox announced that they withdrew the price hike from Live Gold as a result.

In addition, another announcement was made in this blog post. Free to play games With this statement, it was officially announced that the Xbox Live Gold subscription is no longer required.


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Xbox Live Gold in January 2021 Little Nightmares, Dead Rising, The King of Fighters XIII and Breakdown were given free of charge. Of these games, Little Nightmares and Breakdown are available for free download until January 31, and Dead Rising until February 15. You can learn about the free games Xbox Live Gold will give in February from our news here.

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