New Information on James Bond Game Shared

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Having gained extensive experience in agent-themed games with the Hitman series, IO Interactive continues to work on the game of the famous British agent James Bond. Important statements came from the studio director Hakan Abrak about the game developed.

One of the world’s most famous spy characters Hitman ‘successfully transferring i to the game world IO InteractiveAnother famous agent right now James bondworking on ‘s game. Director of the studio about the James Bond game, which we do not know much about except that it is under development. Hakan AbrakSome important statements came from.

Speaking to the Danish media outlet, Abrak said that the James Bond play will have an original story and that he wouldn’t have any connection with the James Bond movies we’ve seen before.

The character will come with a unique look

Abrak, who touches on the character as well as the originality of the story, is James Bond’s to an original appearance announced that he would have. So we came across in the last movies Daniel craigand other James Bond actors.

What we know about the game, announced as Project 007, is limited for now. Your game in the coming period with name, release date and story We hope to know more about it.

IO Interactive is a company experienced in these types of games


Hitman 3, all with the world was put up for sale in Turkey at the Same Time

IO Interactive, who previously developed the Hitman series and produced an extremely successful business, last week Hitman 3published and managed to receive positive comments. We will see how IO Interactive, one of the most suitable developers to make a James Bond game, will do a job in the upcoming period. So do you think IO Interactive can handle a James Bond game? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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