Open World Survival Game Announced

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A new open world survival game has been announced, scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2021. This game named “The Day Before” manages to attract attention with its subject and presentation as well as its graphics. In the game you will try to survive in America after infection.

First entered our lives in 2016 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundschanged the foundation of the video game industry. The goal of this game, which attracted unprecedented levels of attention by players, was to be the last player to survive. We have met many games with similar themes after the game’s release. Now, a brand new survival game has been announced, scheduled to debut in the coming months. “The Day BeforeThis game named “seems to have the potential to shake the throne of PUBG.”

The Day Before is developed by Russia-based “Fntastic”. “MYTONA“The game to be released by will look like it will have a very interesting structure. If the game can blend survival and the open world well, it will be the year 2021. of one of the most talked about productions We can already say it will be The Day Before. So what will this game offer us?

First screenshots of The Day Before, smelling of quality

The information on the Steam page of The Day Before In the middle of the usa reveals that it will pass. Talking about the theme of the game, the publisher is talking about a post-infection world. So much so that after the epidemic, only a handful of people remained and these people reached a level where they could kill each other in order to find food. Gamers, that’s it in a dangerous environment They will find food and weapons to survive and try to survive. The team says that cars, houses and skyscrapers can be accessed in the game.

MYTONA, the game online multiplayer It states that it will also have a single player mode. However, a detailed explanation of what will be found in these modes is currently not available. The screenshots on the Steam page reveal that the game can indeed be of high quality. Of course to play such a game will be considered strong you will need to own a computer.

The Day Before

To play The Day Before, according to the game’s Steam page; 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 You will need a video card and 75 GB of storage space. Also the game On AMD based computers Let’s not go without saying that it will work.


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The release date of The Day Before has not been clarified. Also, the price of the game is for now. not disclosed. If you, too, examine this game closely and SteamIf you want to add it to your wish list in, you can use the link found here.

Trailer made for The Day Before

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