Oyunfor Announces the Best Selling Gift Card in January

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digital games actively serving in Turkey, e-store gift card and pin LiveDown announces statistics on users in January. According to the statements made, users bought gift cards that were mostly offered for the Google Play Store in January. PUBG Mobile was the most spending game of January.

Gamers in our country frequently visit to buy virtual currencies that they use both in the game and in the game. Gameforannounced the statistics of January’s e-pin and gift card purchases. According to the statements made by Oyunfor, the players Google Play StoreThey preferred gift cards sold to use in. According to Oyunfor, the most popular game in January Tencent Games PUBG Mobile was released by.

According to the statements made by Oyunfor General Manager Mehmet Dumanoğlu, the purchase of gift cards offered mostly for the Google Play Store in January is a no coincidence. Dumanoğlu stated that they recently made an agreement with the digital payment tool Epay, and within the scope of this agreement, they started selling Google Play Store gift cards, with variable amounts He stated that they offer gift cards. This deal led users to Google Play Store gift cards in January.

Here are the 10 most preferred e-pin and Gift Card types in January.

  • Google Play Gift Card
  • PUBG Mobile UC E-Pin
  • Xbox Live Gift Card
  • Gameforge E-Pin
  • Riot Pin
  • Steam Wallet Code
  • Roblox Gift Card
  • Battlenet Gift Card
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • PlayStation Gift Card

According to the statements made by Oyunfor, the players made the way to the platform for the UCs, the virtual premium of PUBG Mobile, after the Google Play Store gift cards. Third place in the ranking Xbox Live While the gift cards that can be used for the purpose of the game came out, the fourth place was the e-pins valid in games such as Metin 2 released by Gameforge. Fifth on the list League of Legends and Valorant has Riot pins that can be spent.


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There are Steam wallet codes in the sixth row of Oyunfor’s list and Roblox gift cards in the seventh. When we look at the eighth row Blizzard We see that virtual capers cards are being taken to be spent in the games released by the company. While the ninth place is the gift cards used for iTunes spending, the tenth place is PlayStation StoreThere are gift cards that can be used in. Mehmet Dumanoğlu said that users are showing more interest in these cards and e-pins every day, one of the reasons for this is that they offer to their customers. different payment methodsHe states that the other is due to the growth of the mobile application market.

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