Statement by EA on the Campaign at Epic Games

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Electronic Arts made a statement about the game named Star Wars: Battlefront II, which Epic Games decided to distribute for free. In the statements made, it was stated that more than 19 million players participated in this free game campaign.

Achieving to be the most popular game platform of recent years with its free game campaigns Epic Gameshas begun distributing Star Wars: Battlefront II, released by EA Games in the past weeks, for free. Star Wars: Battlefront is the fourth game of the series. Star Wars: Battlefront II, excited many players. Because participating in this campaign left a considerable amount of money, such as 280 TL, in the players’ pockets.

Due to the interest shown in the campaigns Epic Games launches from time to time crashes. This also happened with Star Wars: Battlefront II being free. Players could not access Epic Games’ servers for hours. If a new statement about the resounding campaign EA Gamescame from. The company announced how many players get Star Wars: Battlefront II for free.

Over 19 million players benefited from Star Wars: Battlefront II campaign

According to statements made by Electronic Arts More than 19 million playersAcquired Star Wars: Battlefront II at no charge, participating in the campaign launched by Epic Games. However, it is necessary to say that this number is significantly high. For example; The Sims 4, one of the most well-known games in the world, has been Sold around 30 million. More than 19 million players got Star Wars: Battlefront II for free.

Electronic Arts

Epic Games’ Star Wars: Battlefront II campaign has already ended. As a result, gamers who want to own this game can use Epic Games, Steam or Origin. they buy is required. However, the announced numbers are Epic Games’ most popular reveals that one of his campaigns is Star Wars: Battlefront II …


Epic Games Will Give Free For The King With Steam Price 32 TL

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