Turkish Made Recontact: London Coming to Steam

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Recontact: London, the last game of the Recontact series, which managed to collect awards with its two previously published games, is getting ready to meet with Steam players. The cinematographic play featured an international star in its lead role.

Especially in recent years, the game world has witnessed the popularity of cinematographic games. It was published by the Turkish game company Recontact Games in 2017.Recontact Istanbul: Eyes of Sky“The game, which is the first example of cinematographic games on mobile platforms, has collected important awards around the world.

First started appealing to the players in 2015 with the game “Recontact: Istanbul”. Recontact Gamescarried out a project that will make a sound again. Released a few months ago for mobile platforms and later removed Recontact: Londonwill take its place in stores again. Moreover, the company’s new game is not only for mobile platforms, but also via Steam. Also for PC users will be published.

An international actor starring:

The third game in the series Recontact: London, in the lead role in Game of Thrones To Whitewalker The famous British actor who gave life and previously participated in projects such as Doctor Who and Clash of Titans To Ross Mullan giving place. You can watch the game trailer, which also includes Ross Mullan, from above.

As we saw in the trailer, Recontact Games, which has successfully combined video games and film experience before, seems to reveal a successful and award-winning project. Our goal in the game is in London as a cop solve the secret of ghosts caught on security camera it will be.

Recontact Games has also put a lot of effort into its new project. The scenes in the play, in which the company aims to offer a new experience, were shot in London. 8 million works of art were exhibited during filming British Museum closed to visit; Built in 1688 Queen Anne estate de George Marson. The crew on the streets of London 100 hours video and More than 40 thousand photos archived. If it’s the music of the game Moscow Symphony Orchestra Voiced by.

We have no doubt that Recontact: London, which we have been eagerly waiting for, will sound like the previous games around the world. In the first quarter of this year The game that is stated to be published on both Steam and mobile To the Steam page from here can reach and play on your wish list you can add. Thus, you can receive notifications from Steam when the game is released or the price is discounted.

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