Xbox Game Pass Monthly Subscription Number Announced

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Microsoft announced that the Xbox Game Pass service, which offers hundreds of games to players, has reached 18 million monthly subscribers. This number was 10 million in April and 15 million in September.

Microsoft has launched a huge service that can be used by both Xbox console players and PC users. This service is used by many players today Was Xbox Game Pass. Players who subscribed to the service were able to play hundreds of games Microsoft offered them for a fee each month.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service continues to take place in the game world with more success than the last released numbers. The company announced today that the monthly subscriber count of Xbox Game Pass That you reach 18 million announced. The service has been in high demand especially in recent months. Also, Xbox Live 100 million active users It was stated that it reached.

There has been a big rise in recent months:

Microsoft last announced the monthly subscriber number of Xbox Game Pass in September 2020. In this statement the service 15 million It was stated that it reached the user. So Xbox Game Pass has managed to gain 3 million subscribers in the past 3 months. In other words, the company will increase the number of subscribers it has earned until September 2020. one fifth in just 3 months.

In the period of April 2020, when the coronavirus showed its impact severely worldwide, Xbox Game Pass, 10 million was hosting the player. Microsoft has increased the appeal of the service with both the players who are closed to the house, the games it added to the service and EA Access.

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While the price tags of video games have increased considerably, especially in new generation games, this service offered by Microsoft in saving money It was one of the biggest factors. The company has become appealing to all kinds of players with the subscription packages it offers.

Console players pay to Xbox Game Pass per month 29.99 USD they can have it by paying. Those who want to play the games on the PC platform for the same price subject to. Ultimate subscription, which includes more content and EA Play service and can be used on both console and PC, is To 44.99 TL can be taken.

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