Xbox Live Gold February Free Games Announced

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Microsoft has announced a list of new free games available to Xbox Live Gold members in February. 5 games, including Resident Evil and Gears 5, found their way into the list.

Microsoft offers to gamers Xbox Live Gold and continues to make many gamers smile with its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate services. These services, which offer many games for free to players, also host games that will be free for a period of time every month.

Microsoft today announced that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be a certain period of time as of this month. will be free also announced new games. The company, which announced that it will offer 4 games for free for a limited time last month, has reached 5 games this month. These games Gears 5, Resident Evil, Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition, Breakdown and Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb It was determined.

Free games of February:

Xbox players can buy for 269 TL under normal conditions Gears 5For Xbox players 1 months will become free. Gears 5, the sixth game in the Gears of War series, can be a great option for action game lovers.

The second game Microsoft made for free resident Evil happened. Released in 2015 with HD graphics, Resident Evil has a price tag of 71.25 TL. If you want to enter this series that combines survival and horror genres, we recommend you to take this opportunity. Game, 1 months will be free.


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This is the third free game of the month Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition It has a price tag of 39 TL. The game, to which many players leave positive comments, has a unique place among 2D platform games. The fourth and fifth game, 30 TL each, Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb and Breakdown, will be found in your library as options you can try to experience nostalgic moments. The dates when the last three games will be free are as follows:

  • Dandara: Trials of Fears Edition: February 16 – March 15
  • Breakdown: February 16 – February 28
  • Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb: February 1 – February 15

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